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Frikkie Bezuidenhout

Vice President

Frikkie van Kraayenburg


Ronel Bezuidenhout


Wimpie Pieterse

Andre Wichtmann

Hans Arp

Prof Piet vd Merwe

Keith Ramsey

Grobbie Grobler

Chris van Rensburg

PO Box 61


Tshwane 0068


Tel 072 219-2188

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Last Updated:

 25 February 2010

Extract from the Bylaws of the Society

13.     GRADINGS

13.1     Inspection Gradings

            The Inspectors of the Society grade sheep to be registered for stud breeding.

13.2     Shows and Show Gradings:

            The following gradings are only awarded at recognised breed shows, which shall include the Pretoria Show and any other show the Society chooses to recognise as a grading show:

E –      Elite. The top grading awarded at the National Championships and only to the very best of breeding animals that display superior qualities in terms of the breed. Rams must be at least 24 months old and ewes 18 months. DNA samples may be taken of all rams graded E and which have not been profiled at the time the   grading was awarded. DNA costs shall be for the account of the owner.

M –   Merit. A grading given to superior animals over 12 months of age that are highly recommended for breeding.

S  –    Superior. A grading given to animals over 12 months of age that are recommended for breeding.

A  –     Acceptable. Animals over 12 months of age suitable for commercial production.

I   –      Insufficient. Animals that should not be bred with.

Animals under 12 months are not graded, but are described as Very Promising, Promising or Less Promising.

           The highest grading awarded shall be added to an animal’s name to be reflected on the registration details.

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